Just another love story!


I found someone who’d rather sit under the beautiful stars,

We caressed each other’s scars,

We spent our nights under the skies,

And captured the moment in our eyes,

We watched the stars hand in hand,

And let the shooting stars fall like a magic wand,

We wished for our togetherness till eternity,

And witnessed the nature’s enormity,

We heard the silence of the night,

And fell in love under the dim moon light,

We kissed under the open sky,

And drank the night and got a bit high,

We fell asleep in each other’s embrace,

He looked at the stars and I gazed at his shining face,

I was humming a song as he caressed my tresses,

We fell in love with the stars and the moon being our witnesses,

We danced under the dim moon light,

And wished that there should be no end to that night,

We promised a forever under the skies,

Today we are taking oath looking into each other’s eyes,

We are walking on the shore listening to our favourite song,

Wishing that the night would be just a bit more long,

Nights are beautiful is rightly said,

Our togetherness till eternity is all I had prayed,

My prayers are answered and my dream has come true,

For all I had wished is a forever with you,

The stars are twinkling looking so pretty,

Hey let’s walk together till infinity…

-Saee Siddheshwar